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Discover the world of one of the most innovative hip-hop producers and musicians in South Carolina. Ray DeeZy continues to improve during his decades-long career in the area.

Dock Boy Diaries: Part One

Three young black males in Goose Creek, South Carolina struggle to resist the violent temptations and allure of the streets while preparing for life beyond high school, three months before graduation, in Dock Boy Diaries, a coming-of-age tale from the 1990s. The first section of the novel centers on their three-gang triangle, the Bandits and the Skulls, which includes two of the hardest gangs in the city, as they struggle to save their friend, the notorious Carlos.

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In order to produce wonderful music and lead a tranquil existence, a starving musician/artist is seen struggling to maintain his sanity as a lover, parent, and businessman in the video Good $leep.

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New shows and appearances are coming in the latter half of 2023! Check back for updates...